Feed Me Oil 2 Is The Most Fun Ecological-Disaster-Based Entertainment Ever [Review]


Feed Me Oil 2

If you played the original Feed Me Oil a couple years ago, you probably fell in love with its surreal graphics and fun, physics-based puzzles. If you didn’t, the name is probably confusing the hell out of you. Because you really shouldn’t feed anything oil, right? That’s super gross.

Feed Me Oil 2 by Holy Water Games
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $2.99

Don’t get stuck on that, though, because Feed Me Oil 2 is out now, and it features the same addictive gameplay with shinier graphics and some new tools to get that oil where it needs to go.

And where it needs to go is, like, right into the mouth of a weird, animal-like hill or something. But again, don’t dwell on that because if you do, you’re missing out on a great game.

Feed Me Oil 2 is a puzzle game that asks you to alter the path of oil spewing out of a tap so that it ends up in a marked area for some kind of ingestion that is unknown to man or science. It’s a lot like the Where’s My Water? series, but a bit stranger.

The game introduces new oil-moving tools slowly. You’ll start with simple rods that you use to block off areas or form ramps, and then you move on to little cannon-like tools that can collect the black stuff and fire it off in any direction you want. Later, you get fans that can change the course of the flow even in mid-air, and so on.

You really shouldn’t feed anything oil, right? That’s super gross.

The tools combine in interesting ways to give you a few options for solving each level, but the point is to get the fluid where it needs to be using as few of them as possible. You get one star for solving the level (i.e. getting the oil to its destination) and additional ones for having items left over; a three-star rating is the best you can do.

You use the stars to unlock additional groups of levels. The game comes with four “islands” with 15 puzzles each, and a fifth group is coming soon. So your three bucks gets you plenty of good content.

In fact, I launched the game to check the developer name and “just play one level.” That was half an hour ago. This game is good.

Feed Me Oil 2Game Name: : Feed Me Oil 2
The Good: Fun, addictive, physics-based gameplay with a very unique visual style.
The Bad: It’ll steal your time. Just take it right away.
The Verdict: If you’re hankering for the next World of Goo or Where’s My Water?, this will fill that void in your life.
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