FLTR, An iPhone-Only iPhoneography Magazine



When I was in high school, I got the jump on all the other photography students because my dad bought weekly and monthly photography magazines that he passed on to me when he was done. I learned a ton about photography (and also the female anatomy, thanks to the “glamour” sections that seemed to be featured in every issue.

These days we have the internet for both learning and porn, but I still have a soft spot (ahem) for photo magazines, which is why I’m checking out FLTR, “world’s first smartphone photography magazine.”

FLTR comes from the folks behind the British Journal of Photography, and its gimmick is that it focusses (see what I did there?) on smartphone photography. You’ll get articles, photos and interviews that you won’t find elsewhere, so hopefully FLTR can become an authority in the way that Amateur Photographer and Practical Photography were back in the days of print, based on servicing paying customers rather than chasing page views.

One thing to note is that FLTR is iPhone-only. I see the reasoning behind this, but it’s also a little odd that it’s not made for the iPad, too, especially with its gorgeous and huge retina display.

FLTR is a buck an issue, and available now.

Source: FLTR