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No One Giving An iPhone For Christmas Has Ever Been More Awesome Than This Guy [Humor]


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Many of us got or received iPhones for Christmas, and I’m guessing you thought you were pretty smart, putting it in a gift bag to disguise the telltale shape. But you’ve got nothing on this guy, who fooled someone into thinking that the iPhone they were actually unwrapping was just a crappy old chair. Check out how they did it, after the jump.

Chair Games Releases New Cinematic Trailer For Infinity Blade III [Video]



We got a glimpse of the incredible graphics and gameplay of Chair’s upcoming Infinity Blade III during the Apple’s keynote on Tueday, but Chair released a cinematic trailer for the new game this morning that dives into the Infinity Blade mythology of the first two games before setting up the narrative of the final chapter of Infinity Blade.

Unlike Infinity Blade: Dungeons – which was eventually canned after fans were left waiting over a year for the release – Infinity Blade III is ready to go and will launch in the App Store on September 18th for $6.99.  The game features seven huge new worlds, fire-breathing dragons, and enough swordplay to keep you entertained for weeks.

Take a look:

See The Full Infinity Blade III Trailer From The Apple Keynote Yesterday [Video]


Here there be dragons. And lens flare aplenty.
Here there be dragons. And lens flare aplenty.

Remember that amazing trailer that Apple introduced on stage yesterday to show of its new iPhone 5s? It was Infinity Blade III, what Epic Games’ Donald Mustard called, “The conclusion of the epic Infinity Blade trilogy.”

If anything, the trailer below shows off just how amazing mobile gaming can look like. Just like the last two entries in the franchise, Infinity Blade III is pushing the envelope on environment size as well as visual and gaming performance. Here’s the video to feast your eyes on.

Upcoming Infinity Blade 3 Runs 5x Faster on iPhone 5s


Infinity Blade 3

Apple brought Donald Mustard, co-founder of ChAIR entertainment, up on stage today at the iPhone keynote in Cupertino. Mustard talked about the incredible performance of the new 64-bit A7 chip, saying the new iPhone 5s was five times as fast as the original iPhone 5.

The demo onstage was reported by live-bloggers as stutter-free and gorgeous. Mustard said that the conclusion to the Infinity Blade Trilogy, Infinity Blade III, has huge areas to explore, each one larger than the original size of the entire original Infinity Blade game itself.

Infinity Blade III will be available alongside the iPhone 5s when it releases. Last year’s game got canned, so hopefully it actually ships this time.

Image: Techcrunch

‘Infinity Blade II’ Gained Almost 6 Million Players During App Store Giveaway



When the App Store celebrated its fifth birthday last week, Apple made a number of top iOS apps and games free. One of those was Infinity Blade II, and it was the first time the title had been given away since its release in November 2011.

So it’s hardly surprising it was a massive success. In just seven days, the sword-fighting action game had attracted 5.7 million new players, with 1.7 million of those getting the game on the first day the promotion went live.

‘Infinity Blade: Dungeons’ Has Officially Been Canned



Chair Entertainment has confirmed that Infinity Blade: Dungeons, the third installment in the Infinity Blade franchise for iOS, has officially been canned.

Fans have been looking forward to the title since it was announced last March during an Apple iPad event, but its future has looked uncertain since the studio that was developing the game, Impossible Games, was closed back in February.

This MacBook-Inspired iChair Must Be Where Ke$ha Wrote Her Songs [Image]



Imitating Apple design is a great idea, except when it comes to chairs.

A chair that doubles as a MacBook looks pretty cool in theory, but what happens when you sit on the keyboard? Is that where dubstep comes from? Not to mention the fact that the lack of cushioning on this thing means sitting on it for hours would be more torturous than listening to Ke$ha on repeat.

Source: Reddit

Infinity Blade II ‘Vault Of Fears’ Update Delivers New Areas, New Enemies, New Items


Download the second Infinity Blade II content update now.
Download the second Infinity Blade II content update now.

Infinity Blade II is one of those essential games that every iOS user should own. Its intense hack and slash gameplay makes it a joy to play over and over again, and its stunning 3D visuals are the perfect masterpiece for showcasing the abilities of your iOS device. What’s more, it just keeps getting better with each and every update.

The latest, version 1.2, is named ‘Vault of Fears’, and it delivers new areas with new secrets, new enemies, and new items.

Infinity Blade Goes On Sale for $2.99… But Grab It Quick!



The incredibly popular Infinity Blade from Epic Games was one of the first titles to be build using the Unreal engine. Famous for its eye-popping visuals, it’s so impressive that in just six months after its launch the game had achieved over $10 million in sales. If you haven’t already bought this game, now’s the best time, because it’s on sale for just $2.99. But you’ll have to be quick!