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MarkDrop: A New Minimalistic Markdown Editor For The Mac



MarkDrop is a new Markdown editor for the Mac that displays a minimalistic editor on the left and a preview window on the right that updates in real time. The app prides itself on a clean interface, and you can share via PDF, HTML, or print.

Some other features include multiple themes, fullscreen support in Mavericks, and a handy word/character count. You can disable the preview window at any time by clicking the eye icon at the top right of the app.

The main highlight of MarkDrop can also been seen as its biggest drawback. It relies solely on Droplr for syncing and quick sharing over the web, which makes sense considering the app was made by Droplr co-founder Levi Nunnink. If you use Droplr, you can create a secure URL to share your text, which is a nice feature that a lot of other editors don’t have. But if you don’t use Droplr, you’re out of luck when it comes to syncing.

Since Markdown has become the de facto syntax for converting plain text writing to HTML, there has been no shortage of great editors like Byword on both OS X and iOS. MarkDrop is a worthy addition to the growing collection of Markdown apps out there. “I think it will fill the gap for a lot of writers who want an elegant solution for composition combined with effortless document sharing & publishing,” said Nunnink.

MarkDrop costs $5 in the App Store.

Source: Mac App Store