Lightning Strikes Amazon Cloud Drive As iOS Photo App Gains Video & iPad Support



There’s no shortage of cloud storage providers, but Amazon’s one of the best around. If you make use of the e-retailer’s Cloud Drive app, then, good news: it just got a little better, with the addition of video uploads and iPad support.

Just to back up a little bit, about a year and a half ago, Amazon first debuted the ability to upload video to its Cloud Drive app. There was only one problem: it was a feature that was only available on Android.

But no longer. Amazon has quietly updated the Cloud Drive Photos app on iOS recently with a number of decent new features. Not only can you now upload your videos to Cloud Drive using the Photos app, but they can be pretty huge: up to 2GB in size or 20 minutes in length. Just like the Android app, just turn on Cloud Photos’ auto-save function to automatically upload any videos you shoot on your device to Amazon’s Cloud when you’re on WiFi.

In addition, Amazon Cloud Drive Photos’ latest update gained iPad support, as well as a “large upload” setting which disables your lockscreen so your large uploads can complete without timing out.

All in all, not a bad update if you’re locked into Amazon’s ecosystem! You can download Amazon Cloud Drive Photos at the link below for free.

Source: iTunes