Mail Pilot Is Now Available For Mac In Public Beta


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One of the more popular app Kickstarter campaigns in recent memory is the one for Mail Pilot, an app that allows you to tame your inbox by treating it like a to-do list. In April, Mail Pilot was released for iOS, and users were told that a public beta was coming soon. And now it’s here!

The idea behind Mail Pilot is simple. Unless you use your email solely for the pleasure of correspondence, chances are that your inbox is filled with things you need to do: emails you need to reply to, emails filled with instructions from your boss, even emails you need to delete, file or forward. Mail Pilot just treats that idea literally, allowing you to not just read and reply to emails, but check them off and schedule emails for later, just as if it were a GTD app.

That’s Mail Pilot’s strength. Coupled with a powerful backend and a sleek flat interface that looks very much at home on iOS 7, Mail Pilot on iOS is one of the most intuitive and powerful ways to manage your email. Now it’s available for everyone to try on the Mac.

There are a few issues with the app. If you use Gmail, emails aren’t marked as read, for example. Still, this is a public beta, and there’s a chance these hiccups will be addressed before the app’s official release.

If you’d like to try Mail Pilot, you can sign up for the free Public Preview on Mail Pilot’s official site.

Source: Mail Pilot