Jury Orders Samsung To Pay Apple Another $290 Million



Apple’s re-trial with Samsung over patent infringement has just concluded with the federal jury ruling that Samsung owes Apple an extra $290 million for infringing on the iPhone maker’s patents.

The award is significantly more than the amount Samsung hoped to pay, though Apple’s lawyers didn’t get all the money they wanted either. Including damages awarded from the original trial, Samsung’s bill for Apple now totals $929.83 million worth damages – unless they successfully appeal of course.

The retrial is a followup from last year’s case that saw Apple being awarded $1 billion in damages before Judge Koh ruled the jury miscalculated by more than $400 million. Apple came into the retrial seeking an additional $379 million while Samsung claimed it only owed a mere $52 million.

This time around the jury – comprised of six women and two men – took nearly three days to reach its verdict after the previous jury rushed through the math calculations in one day thanks to some misunderstandings on the patents issues.

Source: AllThingsD