Photofon Turns Your Twitter Feed Into An Instagram-Like Photo Timeline


I like seeing photos in my Twitter timeline, but I don’t like the painful process of looking at them. You have to tap, and then wait while the picture loads, and while you’re waiting you can’t scroll through and read other tweets as they’re usually blocked by the loading photo.

Photofon doesn’t fix this (the only app that ever did it properly was Loren Brichter’s original iPad Twitter app that kept loading pages in their own independent sheet), but it does turn the viewing of Twitter photos into something you’ll actually enjoy doing.

Photofon, from the developer of Twitter app Echofon, kind of turns your Twitter timeline into another Instagram. It shows photos in beautiful full-screen, and you can tweak the selection by viewing either your full timeline or selected lists (useful for only seeing the family photos, for example).

You can also retweet pictures from the app, as well as favoriting pictures for, well, for whatever it is you do with your favorite tweets. Finally, the app is universal, which means you could, say, save favorites on your iPhone and view them later on your iPad (there, we found a use for that “favorites” feature after all.

Photofon is free, and available now for your photo-viewing pleasure.

Source: iTunes