Official Google Music App For iOS Now ‘Imminent’


Google Music on Android.
Google Music on Android.

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4 responses to “Official Google Music App For iOS Now ‘Imminent’”

  1. DJBabyBuster says:

    Nuts to all access, yet another subscription based service, I just wanna be able to access my 20,000 songs off google music. It’s absurd that its taken this long to finally come to iOS.

  2. Falafelhead says:

    Waaaaaaaaaay to late to the game. Literally all (3) of the GMAA subscribers I knew – who jumped on board because, “It’s Google” and “$7.99/mo” – have since switched to a competitor. They really blew this one.

  3. ScottSouder says:

    It’s about time. I know a lot of people(myself included) who have been waiting on this. I nearly went back to Spotify.

  4. SadieMae says:

    Its not about time… they are several months late to the game! Their only salvation was third party ios apps (gmusic and others) and the ability to save any all access mp3 to iTunes with a 3rd party desktop client (

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