Wise Button Combines iPhone Tracker, Music Remote And Shutter Release In One Tiny Dongle



We’ve seen a few dongles that let you track your devices from your iPhone using Bluetooth, and we’ve seen some that let you fire your iPhone’s shutter the same way. But the Wise Button does both. I wouldn’t call it wise, but I would call it useful.

The little button has a tiny strap for hooking it onto bags, carabiners or keychains, and pairs with any kind of phone via Bluetooth. It has three main functions. Fist, it lets you skip tracks on your music: useful for iPads hooked up to stereos, or even iPhones that you have docked into speakers.

Next is the remote shutter function that lets you trigger the camera from afar. And finally, you can make the Wise Button beep using the companion iPhone app. This lets you find the button and anything it’s joined to (keys, probably), and it works in reverse: tapping the button makes your iPhone beep.

The Wise Button also comes in a simpler tracker-only form called the iButton Wise Sticker. Stick this on to anything you don’t want to lose and you can track it from the app (as long as it’s within Bluetooth range of course).

The downside? It’s an Indiegogo, with an estimated completion date of January 2014. The good thing is the price: $27 for the button and $17 for the sticker.

Source: Indiegogo
Thanks: Vladimir!