Grandma Does Indeed Love Bugs In This Adorable, Educational Kids App



Who doesn’t love bugs? Kids of all ages love them, of course, and in new educational app, Grandma Loves Bugs, they’ll get a chance to explore the wonderful world of the many legged creatures with ten super fun mini games and eight instructional bug videos for young kids.

The mini games include Spot the Difference, Magic Coloring, Letter Match, bug Spelling, Counting Fireflies, and more. The live action nature videos are fully narrated and teach kids all about the wonderful world of bugs, too. The artwork and pedagogy are spot-on, as well, so parents can feel comfortable releasing their tiny bundles of joy onto their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Check out this adorable video to see what we mean:

The app features beautiful artwork that looks like someone cut it out of paper and glued it on the page, along with fun kid-style music and solid sound effects and voice-work. Grandma is especially warm with her performance, which makes perfect sense considering she was designed by an educational psychologist and kid-tested.

The educational content is no slouch, either, letting kids learn all about bugs while they work with their colors, numbers, letters, memory, problem solving, vocabulary, and observational skills–all carefully tuned for the target age range of four to six years old.

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So, if you’re in the marked for an educational app that will engage those cuties at home or on the go, look no further than Fairlady Media’s Grandma Loves Bugs, and be sure to check out the developers full line of kid-centric apps and games.

Grandma Loves Bug is available as a universal app in the App Store starting today for a mere $0.99.

Source: App Store