BungaJungle, A Magnetic iPad-Supporting Snake



With just hours left before the weekend, the Bungajungle is unlikely to be beaten for the week’s best-named gadget. It’s also a pretty fantastic-looking iPad stand, with enough flexibility (pun most definitely intended) to double up as a stand for your MacBook.

The Bungajungle is a bendable, pose-able snake with a big fat magnet instead of a venom-spitting head. A small metal nipple (and it really is nipple-shaped, complete with areola) sticks to the iPad with a 3M adhesive pad, and this clamps onto the snake head using the power of magnetic magic. You then coil and bend the snake to make the stand of your choice.

Actually, it’s actually a slightly nightmarish snake, in that it has two tails. This lets it function as a kind of tripod, too, making a GorillaPod-like stand for your MacBook. This part is great, as it means you can make a Mac-raising desk stand when you want to do some desk-based work.

The problem is that the Bungajungle is currently a pitch on Indiegogo, and not a shipping product. The bigger problem is that the name Bungajungle in fact refers to a whole range of different-sized snakes, from the “Dundabunga” to the “Treebunga.” I’ll let you work out which one you might want to pitch for, because I haven’t yet gotten to my second coffee of the day.

Prices start at $30. Shipping November.

Source: Indiegogo