SlipStopper Stops Slips, Adds Grip To iPad Mini



The iPad mini is pretty tough. Mine fell off the top of my refrigerator (around five feet high) and landed corner-first on a terracotta-tiled floor. It survived with nothing but a dent in the corner and a slightly-bent screen as it approaches this corner.

If I’d been using the SlipStopper, though, it mightn’t have fallen at all.

The SlipStopper is a thin gel-resin sheet that sticks to the back of your mini and adds a whole lot of friction. Between this and its slightly squishy nature it does just what you’d expect a product named the SlipStopper to do: it stops the iPad from slipping.

And it’s not just fridge tops that will be mercilessly gripped. Your fingers, too, are equally susceptible to the SlipStopper’s relentless traction, making it a whole lot easier to hold the mini one-handed (slipperiness is the mini’s only real failing when it comes to easy-holding).

I really like to caress the curves and scars of my iPad mini, fingering its rough back as I settle into bed at night with a good erotic vampire story[1] But I could be persuaded to give up this intimate caress for more grip, and a safer iPad.

Source: SlipStopper

  1. Yes, I know there’s no such thing as a good erotic vampire story. It’s a joke. I actually read erotic Harry Potter fan fiction.  ↩