TeeVee Listings App Adds Calendar Alerts For Your Favorite TV Shows



TeeVee, my go-to TV episode listings app, has just gotten a super-useful update: calendar integration. Now the app not only keeps you updated about airing TV shows via push notifications, it can also integrate them right into your calendar.

I was wondering aloud on Twitter a while back whether there was a way to add my TV listing to my calendar, and TeeVee developer Tomas Perzl agreed. Late last night he tweeted to say that v2.3 now has this fantastic feature. Who says you never get what you wish for?

TeeVee lets you add your favorite shows to its list and get notifications when a new episode is airing. It also shows you upcoming episodes, and you can quickly check a synopsis or even the cast of the episode, which is great for those “What the hell has that actor been in before?” moments.

To add all future episodes. You just enable it in the settings, and choose one of your calendars from the popover. I made a special TV calendar so I can switch it off if I need to, but I love that I can now decline a Sunday night date because I already have a date… With the Mentalist.

TeeVee 2.3 is out now, and costs $2 for new users, free for existing users.

Source: TeeVee App
Thanks: Tomas!