TeeVee 2, A Fantastically Clean And Simple “Upcoming TV Show” App For iPhone



TeeVee 2 is a great iPhone app that tells you when your favorite TV shows are airing. I’ve tried a bunch of these apps in the past, and TeeVee wins out for a couple of reasons – it’s fast, it’s simple and it looks gorgeous.

The app gets right down to business on first launch. Fire it up and you get a search box. Type a name or part of the name of a show, scroll through the realists and tap to add one to your lost. Repeat until you’re done, then hit the X button to dismiss the search.

Now you see a list of your shows in order of remaining time. Most of mine are in the ~80 days range thanks to the summer break, but they’re all there, with nice thin type overlaid onto a simple rectangle of artwork form the show. The text tells you the days remaining and the series and episode ID.

Tap a show tile to get the details mode, with tabs for a summary of the next episode, general show info, details of the cast (laid out beautifully) or a episodes view, which lists the episodes of all seasons and lets you either check them off as seen, or tap them to get a summary of that episode.

And that’s about it. The app has everything you need to organize your TV viewing (or downloading, I guess) and nothing you don’t. It’s a lot, lot faster on refresh than any other app I have tried, and it offers the most important info at a glance, all while letting you get into the details if you want to.

I’m hooked. Just like I am on the excellent Hannibal (date TBA).

Source: TeeVeeApp
Source: iTunes

Thanks: Tomas!