Pad&Quill’s Bella Fino Is Thin And Beautiful



Love Pad&Quill’s sweet bookbindery iPhone cases, but don;t love the big Baltic birch frames that bulk them up? You’re in luck! The new Bella Fino is a leather taco for your iPhone 5/S/C that does away with the frame in favor of a reusable, re-stickable 3M “clean release” adhesive panel.

When I hear the words “clean release,” I tend to think more of adult DVDs that come bundled with… Well, you see what I’m saying. But in P&Q’s case it refers to the adhesive panel which can be re-attached, over and over, just like you were sliding the iPhone in and out of a case.

It's pretty good on the inside, too.
It’s pretty good on the inside, too.

The case itself is made from some rather nice-looking “boot leather,” and inside you’ll find some pockets for cards and cash. You can even shoot photos when the case is on thanks to the cutout at the back.

Fancy it? I do – I test most of P&Q’s cases and I like them all, but I’d never use them in real life as I just don;t like big cases. But this one seems to offer all the good parts of the Pad&Quill line, with a slimline and practical design. Available now, in a few colors, for $50.

Source: Pad&Quill
Thanks: Brian!