Lacie Launches Porsche-Designed USB Stick. In 2013



Just like those isolated soldiers that used to be discovered from time to time thinking that WWII was still on, years after it had ended, there’s a designer hidden deep in the offices of Porsche who thinks we still need to use USB thumb drives. Yes, it looks beautiful, just like Hiroo Onoda’s doubtlessly crisply-pressed uniform, but that doesn’t make it right.

The Lacie/Porsche stick is fashioned from beautiful brushed steel, and can pump its 16GB or 32GB of data into your computer via a fast USB 3.0 connection. In a nod to modernity, the purchase of your stick includes cloud storage on Lacie’s Wuala service.

The stick does look good on a keychain, though, so it is at least more functional than just having a Porsche or Ferrari keyring. In fact, this post now reminds me of a true story about an investor in a cocktail bar I once opened in London. One of his cars was a Ferrari, and it had a sticker in the window which said “My Other Car is a Porsche.” That’s funny enough on it’s own, but the fact is he did own a Porsche.

The USB key is available now for $30 (16GB) or $50 (32GB).

Source: Lacie