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Mobislyder: Shoot Cinematic Tracking Shots With Your iPhone



Sadly, the “Mobislyder” isn’t a way to make delicious, tiny steamed hamburgers with your cellphone, but it’s almost as good: It’s an aluminum track rail for your mobile phone, letting you make amazing tracking shots when shooting video with your iPhone.

The rail is aluminum with rubbery plastic feet, and up top is a special cellphone holder with a ball socket for positioning. The idea is that you set it up and move the camera smoothly as you shoot, turning your Vines into little Robert-Altmanesque masterpieces.

It’s light, too, but not cheap at $95. Then again, camera support is one place you don;t want to skimp on cost: if you end up with a wobbly or blurred shot then you wasted the few bucks you spent on a crappy rail or tripod.

Plus the Mobislyder comes from the fine folks at Photojojo, so you’ll be sure to find a plastic dinosaur inside the package, letting you get shooting on your arty Godzilla remake right away.

Source: Photojojo