Finn, The Simplest (And Best?) iPhone Bike Mount Around



While we’re all looking over here at the big, bulky, ruggedized mounts that let us carry our iPhones on our bike handlebars, over there in Austria they’re making a minimal mount that you can leave on the bike or carry in your pocket. It’s called the Finn, and according to at least two of my German friends, it’s excellent.

The Finn is a silicone band which wraps around your handlebar (or stem) and passes through its own tail. Each end of the strips is divided into two parts, and these parts stretch over the corners of your iPhone, Android phone, dumb-phone, GPS or even – gasp – your BlackBerry, and hold it firmly in place. How firmly? Check the video on the site, where it holds a phone to the handlebars of a bouncing BMX.

The best part of the Finn is that it’s so simple to use that you can take it with you, use it on different bikes or even use it to mount to a baby stroller. Then again, maybe the best thing is that it costs just €12, meaning you can load up every bike with its own Finn.

And there’s a bonus. Each Finn comes with a code that lets you download a Bike City Guide (normally €4.49), which you can use for locally-tailored, bike-friendly navigation or for planning your own touristic bike tour.

I’m totally buying one. Unless it starts raining, of course.

Source: Finn
Thanks: Aki!