Marshall Speaker (Insert “Goes Up To 11” Joke Here)



Marshall’s beautiful Stanmore brings some retro styling to the Bluetooth speaker game, looking a lot like one of the company’s classic combo amps or – if you want to really rock out – like the front of a speaker from a stack, with the head-unit controls concealed on the top.

The €400 speaker comes with Bluetooth, or you can hook up as the guitar gods intended, via cable. The unit comes with a curly guitar cable for plugging in your iPhone direct, or you can opt for RCA and optical inputs.

Controls consist of bass, treble and volume (what more could you need?) and the cabinet comes in vintage-y black or off white, both of which are gorgeous. The two tweeters and the woofer pump out a neighbor-baiting 200 Watts, which is more than enough for, well, for anything.

This speaker (along with TDK’s sweet boomboxes) is one of the forst speakers I really want to buy. Maybe I can get the Marshall folks to send me one for review…?

Source: Marshall
Via: The Verge

  • Scott Townsend

    With all the advancements in audio technology over the years, these amps should easily go up to 12.