iPhone 5s Online Ordering To Begin Friday, September 20th At 12:01AM PDT




The iPhone 5c pre-orders went off this morning without a hitch and supply for days, but Apple has decided not to offer pre-orders on the high-end iPhone 5s. Customers looking to grab Apple’s newest smartphone as quickly as possible will be pleased to know that you can wake up at 12:01AM PDT next Friday, buy your iPhone 5s, and get back to bed without suffering through the Apple Store launch lines.

Apple sent customers an email this morning announcing the iPhone 5s will be available to order from the Apple Online Store starting at 12:01AM PDT on September 20th. The lack of pre-orders probably means everyone’s going to slam Apple’s servers at midnight, and who knows how long initial supply will last. But if you miss out, you can always go to your nearby Apple Retail Store which will open a couple hours early at 8AM on the 20th to take your money.


  • tool022611

    Will AT&T be offering the early upgrade discount on the 20th?

  • Bulldogger123

    Will AT&T be offering the early upgrade discount on the 20th?

    Yes, to customers 6 months or more into their contracts and in good standing. You can text them at *639# for your status.

  • tickford1983

    Still trying to work this out…So what time on Friday here in Australia will they become available on the online Apple Store? :/

  • avj73

    Will on-line orders offer in-store pickup or only shipping?