Get A Grip On All Your Handheld Devices With The GripGo Universal Car Mount [Deals]


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I remember when my mother used to drive around with a relatively new invention back in my childhood: a notepad that was use a suction cup mechanism to stick to the windshield of the car. She was a realtor, so she liked to have something easily accessible so she could make notes without having to fumble for a piece of paper and pen (which was also attached to the mechanism).

While this device wouldn’t have been practical for me (I’m left-handed), I’ve found in recent years that I am using my iPhone in my car for things like its GPS capabilities, to stream Rdio through my car stereo, and have my task manager at the ready for when I’m running errands. That’s why the GripGo Universal Car Mount is really appealing to me – and Cult of Mac Deals is currently offering it for just $13.99.

The price is the first thing that draws my attention. I’ve spent more than that on car mounts in the past, and they’ve not stood up over time. The GripGo also has a polymer that allows the device to essentially “stick” to it, which means that I no longer have to worry about my iPhone falling out of a cradle as I’m driving.

But the biggest feature for me is the way the GripGo rotates and pivots to allow for a multitude of viewing options. If I want to look at Maps on my iPhone in landscape view and then shift it back to portrait view for use with Rdio, no problem.

The GripGo Universal Car Mount is priced right and has all the features you’d look for in a car mount – the suction cup notepad mechanism would be put to shame by this innovative piece of equipment. Get it today for only $13.99 from Cult of Mac Deals.