China Telecom Posts Ad For A Very Different Looking iPhone 5C



Late last night, a verified account for China Telecom popped up on Weibo and posted an advertisement for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C… and it seems to imply that iPhone 5C is a much different design than we think.

The post, which was quickly pulled, said that China would be one of the first markets to get the new iPhone (a change from previous launches, evidence for which seems supported by Apple’s decision to throw a satellite launch event in Beijing this year) and that customers who wanted a day-one iPhone 5S or 5C should go to this page.

Although the screenshots of the ad China Telecom posted on Weibo before it was pulled are very small, the most intriguing thing about them is they show off an iPhone 5C that isn’t the plastic-backed model we all expect (and have seen leaked dozens of times), but instead show an iPhone 5C with the same backing as the iPhone 5, except with a colored anodized metal section.

To be honest, it looks like just a goof. The photo of the supposed iPhone 5C they are using can be seen on this page and it’s pretty clearly an image of an after market iPhone produced by a company called Hawaii. So it’s either a placeholder for an official image, or an image put in by someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. This is not the iPhone 5C.

Source: Wall Street Journal
Via: Gizmodo