Apple Pulls Tethering App from AppStore



Apple abruptly disabled NullRiver‘s NetShare in iTunes yesterday without explanation to the developer or its customers. The application, developed by the team behind, allowed iPhone users to share their phone’s EDGE or 3G connection with a computer, a process called “tethering,” for which AT&T typically charges other smartphone customers an extra $30 per month. NetShare was briefly available in Apple’s AppStore for $10 but a current search for it returns a “no longer available” message and the developer’s website posts a message saying “We’re updating our site…”

Via MacRumors

4 responses to “Apple Pulls Tethering App from AppStore”

  1. the truth says:

    best press they could have asked for. now even I AM CURIOUS!

  2. .albert says:

    It’s just ridiculous that you have to pay AT&T to use a modem that you already own for a service which is not discernible from what you already pay for and get.