Senator John McCain Kicks Back With iPhone Poker Game During Syrian Intervention Hearing



There are some truly awful things happening in Syria right now. For more information on exactly what is happening, and why, I suggest this excellent Washington Post round-up of what exactly is going on, and why Congress is now considering an intervention. But the takeaway is pretty bleak, and basically comes down to the notion that there’s not a lot America can do to stop what’s happening in Syria.

That doesn’t mean, though, that the hearings going on in the Senate about whether or not America should intervene aren’t important. Far from it. Which is why Senator John McCain is getting a lot of flack for being caught playing an iPhone poker app during the hearings.

Caught in the act by The Washington Post, the game McCain was playing was VIP Poker by developer Tinyco.

To be fair, McCain’s copping to it, albeit a bit flippantly:


Look, I think we can all agree that it’s possible to idly play iPhone poker while listening to some blow-hard pontificate on a podium at the same time. I doubt there’d be this level of controversy if McCain was playing with an app during a less important hearing. But this is a hearing about whether or not America should lob cruise missiles at a Middle East country that is chemically gassing its own citizens. There are better hearings to play VIP Poker during.

Source: Washington Post

  • jeffythequick

    You think he’d be playing angry birds.

    Thank you Arizona, for sending this Progressive idiot to the Senate.

    He is the poster child for repealing the 17th Amendment.

  • maswriter

    Looks like an updated version of the “poker table” scene in Dr. Strangelove.

  • ErinsDad

    I pictured him a more of a Fruit Ninja guy.

  • Turtle Heart

    rename this we site to “cult of iPhone”, you are all obsessed with iPhone trivia to
    the pathological exclusion of any other subject…..

  • Ianthetechman

    Joking aside i think it is actually scandalous that he is fiddling with his phone while the rest are deciding whether to go to war or not.

  • iFan41

    He doesn’t need to listen because he’s a War Hawk. He knows his desires and wishes with Syria