Spigen’s Neo Hybrid Case Is Like An Iron Man Suit For Your iPhone 5



One of the main reasons I don’t use a case with my iPhone (except when testing for reviews) is that the iPhone 5 is so sleek and hot-looking that a case usually just fuglies everything up. Not so with Spigen’s Neo Hybrid, a case as handsome and slimline as the iPhone it protects.


Available in five colors, including a very Iron Man-esque yellow, the Neo Hybrid combines TPU and polycarbonate to be both tough and impact-absorbing. The design is such that it looks like you’ve just stretched a very thin bumper around the iPhone’s edge, wrapping it in a colored rubber band.

The case will likely look best on a black iPhone 5, as the TPU lining is also black and will therefore add an extra outline to the white iPhone before you get to the colored outer shell. But either way, it’s a sleek little shell, and it gives access to all the functions you’ll need.

The price for this handsome case is $30, available now.

Source: Spigen