Rovio Reveals Nine New Character Videos On YouTube For Angry Birds Star Wars II



I can remember saving up my allowance in the late 1970s and early 1980s, itching to get just one more Star Wars action figure from the local department store. When I’d get there, money clenched in my sweaty little hand, I would bliss out at the sheer variety and number of action figures on display.

Which to choose? That robot bounty hunter looked super cool, but it certainly wasn’t Boba Fett, who took my money that day. My younger brother opted for Bossk, because apparently we’re a family who loves bounty hunters.

Today, however, you won’t have to choose. There are nine new videos detailing nine characters from the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars II game, set to release on iOS on September 19th.

There’s the always classic (I’m being sarcastic here) Zam Wessel, TIE Fighter Pilot, and Droideka, of course. Then there’s the more essential Emperor Palpatine, who starred in in his own special video not too long ago. You’ve got not one, but two different Luke Skywalkers, one wearing the Endor helmet and goggles, the other in a shiny white Jedi suit, replete with his own special light saber. But wait, there’s more, like Han Solo, who definitely shot first.

Rounding out the cast are a Jedi Youngling (yawn) and the most reviled character in Star Wars history, George Lucas’s fall from grace, Jar Jar Binks.

All in all, a pretty delightful set of videos; be sure to check out the whole list on Rovio’s YouTube channel. And may the birds be with you.

Via: YouTube