RayFlash’s RingFlash Adapter Goes Universal At Half The Price Of The Original



RayFlash’s new ringflash adapter is called the Universal, and it is. Well, almost. There are actually two different sizes, so you’ll have to choose the “Universal” model that fits your camera.

I kid. Kinda. The Universal part of the name actually refers to the flash-hole, which can now accommodate pretty much any flashgun, not just the handful of Canon and Nikon strobes that the old RayFlash supported.

The biggest advantage I can see of the RayFlash over its rival Orbis is that it requires no extra mounting hardware. At just 540 grams in weight (not much over a pound) it can hang off the flash and the flash itself can mount on the the camera’s hotshoe. This is possible as the flash pokes into the back of the RayFlash, whereas it fires into the side of the Orbis, meaning that — on the Orbis — the flash head has to be straightened out.

There’s a mount for it, but that’s just another bit of gear to carry.

Given that the original RayFlash beat the Orbis in the Strobist’s shootout test way back in 2009 in almost every category except universal fit, this new version should be just the ticket for ring-flashers everywhere. Oh, and it’s half the price of the original, at $99.

Source: RayFlash

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