Full App Helps You Count And Track Anything



Got goals? Me too: Get up before 10 a.m. at least once a week; increase the number of cheeses I eat; and learn how to use semicolons. If you too have such pressing, life-altering plans in mind, you might like the keep track of them with Full, an iPhone app which not only tracks pretty much anything, but looks amazing while it does it.

Using a goal-tracking app shouldn’t be a task in itself, and Full is so easy to use you’ll probably enjoy doing it. You can add any number of tasks, and set the amount and period that you’d like to achieve them in.

You can add, subtract, edit and delete the tasks using swipes, and the red/orange/green indicators show if you’re on-target, lagging behind or just plain slacking off.

I’ve recently given up counting everything but the seconds it takes to brew my Aeropress in the morning, on the grounds that it a) doesn’t matter and b) adds greatly to the mental clutter already clattering around my brain. But you know, maybe it’s good to keep track of all the things I’ve stopped counting? And maybe Full is just the app to help?

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