Play One YouTube Video While Finding Another On Your iPhone, iPad [iOS Tips]


YouTube PIP

Over at iPad Insight, Patrick Jordan found this unique feature in YouTube’s new version of its iOS app, and I though it was too cool not to share.

If you’ve used the iOS YouTube app in the past, you know that in order to find a new video, either browsing or searching for it, you had to stop the video you were watching and then perform your search, or scroll through videos on offer.

No longer is that the case – check it out.

Launch YouTube with a tap on your iPad or iPhone, and find a video to watch. I suggest something fun, like our iOS Game of the Week series on Cult of Mac TV (wink).

Once you have a video up and playing, simply swipe on the video with a gentle down to the right motion. The video will minimize and slide down to the right corner, but keep playing video and audio, letting you watch it while you browse or search the rest of the YouTube site.

Simple, intuitive, and super useful, right?

Via: iPad Insight