Find My iPhone Icon Gets Updated For iOS 7, Breaks App For Non-Developers




We’re a few weeks away from the final release of iOS 7, but it looks like Apple is starting to prep its non-stock apps with an iOS 7 update. This morning Apple released an update for Find My iPhone that comes with a new icon more fitting for iOS 7.

A few bug fixes were tossed in, but early reports claim the update has broken the app for non-developers, so we’d advise against updating right now. The new Find My iPhone icon was also added to the homescreen, but hasn’t been updated on yet.


Source: iTunes

Thanks: Everson

  • guyeverson

    Do not download this update! It locks you out of Find My iPhone unless you have a developer account. Big mistake Apple!

  • RobStaback

    Definitely!!! Wish I would have read this first.

  • Jonathan Ober

    I think it’s funny in the update area on ios 7 app store the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends app are stacked together since both were updated today…and Find My Friends still has the same old look to the interface.

  • Jonathan Ober

    Interfaces are both the same, though it looks like Google watermark is gone from the map can anyone confirm it was on there to begin with…I sorta feel like I mentioned the Google logo watermarked on these apps before.

  • latndude

    Yes indeed , it does not work unless you have a developer’s account ,” do not install it”, I usually just click install all and thats why it got installed on my phone. Not sure what needs to be done I guess wait for Apple to issue a revert download to the older version , or re install it from the app store ?? ? hmmm

  • amadancer

    looks as if they updated find my friends as well.

  • BrainGameMayhem

    OMG, that icon is so ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /s

  • chrisbaker3

    If you’re having trouble with the updated app, try deleting and reinstalling the app. I did that and it works fine for me now.

  • trex67

    Working for me, no dev account…

  • Ernesto

    There was a “find my iPhone” outage earlier today (around 2PM EST) that’s why it didn’t work.
    It’s all good now.

  • DJBabyBuster

    Works just fine for me with no dev account on iOS 7 beta 6.

  • Markj1977

    No developer account. Running iOS 6 and the update is working for me