Curvy Dock Fits Any iPhone, In Any Case, Ever


sarvi dock

Every time I use my iPhone 5, I’m less and less convinced that it even needs a dock. It’s far easier to use the phone when it’s laying flat on my desk than when it’s propped up at a steep angle. The only place I’d like one is on my nightstand, and as I don’t have a nightstand that option is out. However, many people want docks, and of these many of them keep their iPhones in fat, ugly protective cases. The Sarvi Dock is for them.

First, lets deal with the aesthetic issue: The Sarvi is a beautiful curving sculpture which will look amazing with the naked iPhone inside/atop it. But the kind of people who buy Otterbox and LifeProof cases perhaps don’t care for such swooping beauty, making the design less than optimal.

Then again, the curve does incorporate a non-tipping base with a supportive back with minimal material. It comes in versions for the Lightning connector and also for the old 30-pin connector, if you still have a device that uses this prehistoric plug. In either case, the connector tilts letting you hook up iPhones in cases thick and thin.

And it’s also sturdy enough (thanks no doubt to the extremely tough Lightning port and plug) to work with an iPad mini.

How much for this versatile marvel? $50. Steep, yes, but you do get adapters for both Lightning and 30-pin connectors, making it compatible with every iDevice you own (apart from the original iPod and the jack-charging shuffle).

Available January, pending Kickstarter success.

Source: Sarvi/Kickstarter