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Narr8 Shrinks Its Digital Comics And Books Onto The iPhone’s Screen



One of the more intriguing digital media platforms is Narr8, a Moscow-based startup that offers a platform with which to publish or enjoy multimedia creations crafted with a hodgepodge of animation, text, images and sound; think motion comics with added audio punch.

The app has been available for a while on the iPad, but has just now been given Universal App treatment, making it available on the iPhone too — though how the app’s experience translates onto the iPhone’s smaller screen is an interesting question.

The app is free, but you’ll need two points (unfortunately called “Narrs”) in order to download content, though the first two installments of each title are free. Points can be purchased, or earned by opening the app.

The other side of Narr8 is that it can be used as a publishing tool, via its online StoryBuilder multimedia editor, to get original work delivered cross-platform, since the Narr8 app is available on Android and Kindle in addition to iOS. Note: The StoryBuilder editor isn’t mobile-friendly and won’t work from your iDevice.

Source: Narr8