Updated Protex iPad Case No Longer Includes Women’s Underwear



Protex’s new iPad case is a big improvement on the original – aesthetically, at least. The folks at Higher Ground (the company that makes the Protex) sent me the original and I couldn’t bring myself to review it as it looked like a rubber boot with a stripper’s underwear sewn to the back.

The new one keeps the rugged design, but swaps out the stretchy, satiny X on the back for a cross-shaped silicone grip.

Despite its absurd appearance (my stripper-knickers were pale orange), the old Protex was very comfortable to hold. You could slip your hand in behind the silky fabric and let it rest against the warm, yielding rubber skin. It let me hold the iPad one-handed and wander around the house, my other hand free to… [That’s enough – Ed.].

The only real problem I had was that I kept stuffing dollar bills into the case’s orange bikini.

The new version keeps the internal channels which bring the sound around to the front, and the cut-out for the camera and other controls. And if it keeps the huge rubber bezel around the iPad then it’ll provide as much shock and bounce protection as you’ll ever need.

The new Protex is $40.

Source: Higher Ground
Thanks: Mark!