Forget A Fingerprint Sensor, iPhone 6 Infinity Concept Has A Wrap-Around Screen [Gallery]




We’re less than a month away from seeing what the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S will look like—fingerprint sensor and all—but some artists on Dribble have been dreaming of a new feature for the iPhone: an infinite screen.

Claudio Guglieri’s iPhone 6 Infinity mockup and template sparked a mess of awesome rebounds from other artists who added their own bits of flair to the idea of an iPhone with a display that wraps completely around the device.

Take a look at these other great mockups:


image by: Michael Shanks

iphone-6-infinity-ex   image via: Ali Rahmoun   infiniteiphone2

image by: Michael Shanks



image by: Sebastiaan Scheer


Not sure how the screens on the side and back would work when you’re holding your iPhone, but having adaptive buttons on the sides and a display on the back could lend to some really cool app ideas.

If you want to create your own mockup, you can download Claudio’s iPhone 6 Infinity template below:

iPhone 6 Infinity Template


Source: Claudio Guglieri

Via: Kottke