HP CEO Says Apple Wants To Use Energy Efficient ‘Project Moonshot’ Servers



Things haven’t been going all that well for HP on the PC shipment front, but it’s hoping to make up for that with its new high-tech Project Moonshot servers. In fact, HP CEO Meg Whitman is so jazzed about her company’s new servers that she’s even going around bragging that Apple might be considering HP for its iTunes services.

Whitman was asked specifically whether Apple is biting on the new energy efficient servers:

We have a lot of interest from a lot of customers who are doing big scale-out computing. And just go right through the big service providers. When I say service providers I don’t mean telcos. Facebook actually bought quite a bit of stuff from HP. Baidu, Tencent, Apple. That whole list of very big scale-out computing companies, are all very interested in this.

The new HP Intel Atom-based Moonshot servers feature a modular design in which each module is a server unto itself and can hold up to 450 servers in a full rack. New AMD and ARM processor versions are expected to be announced in October.

Apple has remained tight-lipped over which servers its using, but as GigaOM points out, recent job listings seem to indicate that Apple is still using Oracle and IBM servers, so maybe Meg is just blowing hot air.


Source: CRN

Via: GigaOM