KEEO Is The Best Key Holder Ever: It Even Talks To Your iPhone



The very best part of the KEEO is the product video. And the very best part of that is KEEO’s creator Christopher Zenic. Just go and watch it right now and tell me you don’t keep expecting him to say “No, Mr. Bond – I expect you to die.”

Anyhow. The KEEO is a fancy key holder with some special iPhone-friendly extras.

The KEEO is kind of like a PEZ dispenser for your keys. Four keys slide inside, and a rotating button (which sits under your thumb, ready to be turned) dials to one of four positions. This selects the key, and pressing the button ejects it like a switchblade.

It’s pretty frickin cool. And the best part is that it works with the keys you have: no need to send anything off to be modified.

But of course a cool keyholder isn’t enough to get on the hallowed pages of Cult of Mac. The KEEO also has a Bluetooth radio inside (yes, you’ll now have to charge your keys). This pairs with an iPhone app to sound an alert on both if they get more than twenty meters (either an inch or two miles, I can’t be sure) apart. You can also trigger the alert using the iPhone app if you misplace your keys.

And talking of iPhones and keys, they can now live in harmony inside the same pocket, without any scratches. That might actually be the best part of this. Well, apart from Christopher Zenic’s awesome performance, that is.

The worst part is that this is a Kickstarter, so you’ll have to wait. The price is £59 ($83) or £75 ($114) depending on how early you sign up.

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: Chris!