Scalpers Are Stealing All Of China’s Genius Bar Appointments!


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It’s hard to make a buck, especially in China. It’s also hard to get an appointment at the Genius Bar. It’s hard, then, to know where our sympathies should lie in this story: Chinese scalpers are apparently booking up all of the Genius Bar appointments in China and then selling them online at huge premiums. Oh wait, no, it’s not. Those scalpers are scumbags.

A reporter from the Beijing Morning News noticed when he tried to book a Genius Bar appointment online that there was not a single appointment to be had. He then started snooping around, and discovered at least a couple companies willing to sell him an appointment for the next day for 10 to 40 yuan ($1.63 to $6.52). Booking an appointment through this company, the reporter got his login details sent to him, and he was able to go to the Apple Store.

At the store, the reporter asked the Genius helping him if Apple required customers to verify their identities. The Genius responded that Apple did not opt to do so, since it would be too troublesome.

It’s a pretty troubling problem. There are only so many Genius Bar appointments each day, but in China, there are plenty of people willing to reserve huge blocks of appointments just to scalp them later. If Apple won’t lock down their system and require customers to show a valid ID for a Genius Bar appointment, then there would seemingly not be much to be done about that.

Source: China News

  • technochick

    This policy could end up changing. They might actually even start requiring folks to sign in with an apple id, give their serial, do the online self service etc before getting to booking.

    All because of China just like China’s counterfeit issue is what started the whole inspection of phones that don’t power on (a common ploy to get a swap with few questions asked) in all stores. I’ve heard stories of shorting out the dock connector, removing the battery etc.

    Even with iPads apparently one of the first thing they do if it won’t power in is weigh it cause many of the fake parts a heavy than they should be