Japanese Tourist Spots Now Have Camera Stands For iPhones



Ever wish you could get a tourist photo that looks exactly the same as everyone else’s photo, only it has you standing in front of the monument/mountain/[insert cliché here]? No, of course not. But apparently there are plenty of people in Japan who do, and they can now use special camera stands, located at popular tourist spots, to do it.

Made by pole manufacturer Sunpole, these stands are sized to perfectly hold your iPhone so you can grab a selfie or group shot with the relevent attraction behind you. There’s even a little picture of somebody else’s photo attached to the stand so you can preview the compostition before you even remove your camera from your pocket.

I kid. Kinda. I think this kind of photo is really dumb, and try to avoid them whenever possible. However, I sometimes take “Mother Photos” of the Lady so we can send them to her mother. These also require a cheesy fake smile and a proper arrangement of clothes before popping the shutter.

So why not put a stand in there? After all, it’s better than handing your iPhone to a stranger, or not appearing in the picture yourself. The only problem is that the iPhone doesn’t have a self-timer, but there are ways around that.

Source: Tokyo Style