Delete Files And Folders Selectively, Without Sending Them To The Trash [OS X Tips]


Trash Without

Picture this scenario: you’ve got a flash drive and there are files on it. There are also files on it that are in its Trash folder. You also have a Mac with files on it, and files in the Trash. When the USB flash drive is plugged into your Mac, OSX treats those files in the different Trashes as one big Trash folder.

What if you want to delete the files from one Trash, but not the other?

That’s where Trash Without comes in.

Download Trash Without from the Mac App Store for $0.99, and let it install on your Mac. If you have files on your Mac or any connected drives, you will need to choose “Select the files to delete” from the menubar icon for Trash Without. The app will delete the files for you without sending them to the Trash. You will get a confirmation dialog, just in case you make a mistake and choose the wrong files.

If you want to delete select files from the Trash, choose “Select the files to delete in the Trash” menu item from the Trash Without menubar icon. A standard dialog box will appear, letting you choose one, some, or all the files in the Trash to delete them.

Sure, you could work around not having Trash Without, but why not take the dollar and give it a try? Having both options in one place is pretty handy, and it lets you think less about how to work around trash issues, and more about actual stuff you need to do. Hooray!

Source: Mac App Store
Via: Macworld Hints (Sorry, Lex, was an omission of speed, not malicious intent.)