Get Rid Of The Dashboard In Mavericks [OS X Tips]


Dashboard OS X Mavericks

The Dashboard has been getting less and less attention lately, and so it’s surprising that it’s still in OS X Mavericks beta, to be honest.

It does have a nicer background, to be sure, but if you’re feeling like it has outlived its purpose on your Mac, here’s how to get rid of it.

Launch Terminal from your Utilities folder, which is itself in the Applications Folder. Once launched, type or paste the following commands into the Terminal window.

defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean true

Then remember to relaunch the Dashboard process, here:

killall Dock

Now the Dashboard will be gone, baby, gone, and you never have to think about widgets again.

If, however, you want to bring it back? Simple re-do the same commands above, only change the word true to false, and you’ll have it back in your heart lickety-split.

Via: iFans