Apple Allows Discount On New ‘Haswell’ Macbook Airs At Best Buy, Other Retailers


MacBook Air
Save a few bucks, buy some software.

Want to save a bit of cash on the latest Macbook Air? Now might be the time, as Apple has allowed Best Buy to discount the popular Macbook by up to $64. Other retailers, like Amazon and B&H Photo, quickly followed suit, offering their own discounts on the laptops or AppleCare.

The sale at Best Buy, available through the 20th of this month, cuts the 11-inch Macbook Air by $50, with the 13-inch model getting the full $64 off. The retailer is also allowing for a discounted AppleCare three-year extended warranty, saving around $120 over the price of the same model with AppleCare if purchased through Apple.

Electronista reports that B&H Photo Video has matched Best Buy’s prices on both models, as well as the AppleCare discount, while Amazon and MacMall have matched the discounted price on the 11-inch model.

There’s a bit of a ripple effect, too, on MacBook Pros, with up to $200 off the bigger, beefier laptop from Best Buy and Amazon, and even more cash off one of the Retina MacBook Pros from MacMall. The Amazon and Best Buy MacBook Pro is $200 off on the 2.5 GHz 13-inch model, bringing the price down to $999. That’s pretty good, if you ask me.

Source: Best Buy
Via: Electronista