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Any.Do Launches Beautiful CAL Calendar App



Any.Cal is the new iPhone calendar app from Any.Do, and it brings an ultra-clean UI to your iOS calendar, complete with some rather useful extras. Plus it uses the same account you already have for, which ties everything together.

The picture above really says everything. On first run, the app asks to access both your calendar and your contacts. This lets it do some tricks not seen elsewhere. For instance, when adding an event it will let you add people and send invites to them (or not). This could be handy for quickly calling someone right from the app if you’re running late for an appointment.

You can also add an address and a neat little thumbnail map is added to the entry overview, along with a button that will let you navigate to the location (using Apple Maps).

The app really is full of promise. It looks great, it’s easy to add new events (you’re only presented with the fields you need to get events in there quickly) and it presents all the info you need right there on the screen in a flat, iOS7-y manner. The problem is that it doesn’t quite deliver. I can tap in a meeting with Killian and it pops up his lovely face in a thumbnail for me to tap and add to the event, but it refuses to recognize addresses from my contacts.

It also refuses to stop showing me events from my Birthdays calendar, and has some of the most confusing confirmation dialogs I have seen for canceling an event. And in ALL CAPS, no less.

As it is, Any.Cal is a great way to browse your calendar but not such a good one for adding events. My picks for that would still be Fantastical or Siri. Lets hope the app gets a little more work before the last two apps in the suite — Mail and Memo — are launched.

Source: Any.Do