See Timestamps For iMessages In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]


Messages Timestamp iOS 7 beta

In previous versions of iOS, the date and time stamps of iMessages you sent and received were printed right in the app, above the iMessages they pertained to.

Not so in iOS 7, with only a date stamp showing up at the top of each segment of messages that come in on a particular day. If you want to know what time those messages came in or were sent, it looked as if you were out of luck.

But wait! There’s more! Turns out that you can, in fact, see a time stamp for every message in the Messages app. Here’s how to access it.

To see when you sent or received those iMessages, simply launch your Messages app with a tap, and then find the Message thread you want to look at.

Tap on the name of the person in the iMessages list, and when the message thread opens up, swipe from the right side of your iPhone screen towards the left, and the timestamps will reveal from the right side of your screen.

Slick, right?

Now you can know just when you sent that special message, or got that special picture from that special someone. It’s a step up from the approximate timestamps from iOS 6, as each incoming or outgoing message now has a specific to-the-minute timestamp.

Just use this new power responsibly, ok?

Thanks, Michael K!

  • sirobin171

    I am not in love with that..This whole minimalist approach is gone too far.

  • dpacemaker

    It was in Beta 2, I’m not sure about the first Beta. I didn’t check.