Snuglet Makes MacBook Power Hole Smaller, More Snuggerer



People love to moan about the slimline MagSafe 2 adapter that was launched to match the skinny (current) MacBook Air. It falls out, they say. It’s too easy to knock from its magnet-hole. I’ve never had any trouble with it. In fact, I like it more than the original because not only does it stay firmly in place, but it also snaps in properly in to begin with. I often found the old fat MagSafe would fail to engage, leaving me with a dead battery when I left the house (not that I ever actually leave the house).

Anyhow, you whiners now have something else to waste your money on: the Snuglet.

What’s the Snuglet? It’s a rectangular donut which slips into your MagSafe socket and makes it smaller. Now when you stuff the plug into the power hole it stays there, jammed in and held by friction. The video shows in in action, and you can see that the power plug really is rammed in there good.

Of course, this makes it more likely that the attached MacBook will skitter across a polished table and take a dive onto the hard tiled floor beneath when some idiot child runs past and catches the cord. Wouldn’t it be better to stop trying to balance the MacBook on its power cable when on your lap, or to stop putting a fat hard drive under the plug when its on a desk (both examples from the video)?

Still want one? It’ll cost you $15-$19 for a pair of gold-plated Snuglets. And you’ll have to wait. If the Kickstarter project is successful, you can expect delivery in September.

Source: Kickstarter
Via: Mac Stories

  • DrM47145

    Absurd. It defeats the magsafe purpose. With so many hours of battery life, why would you care if for a couple of hours your magsafe “accidentally” disconnects while you are being a couch potato?

  • p8blr

    What’s the point of a magnetic connector if it’s bound in by friction? Pass.

  • uhmorphous

    Charlie, I hope you get a proofreader soon.

  • darylayala

    Wow. A whole staff to make a small rectangle with state of the art machinery. Talk about excessive overhead. No wonder they need a kick starter.

  • SamuelGE

    I think that the MagSafe 2 has an even stronger pull that the MagSafe 1. This little device is just going to make it more likely that you yank your Mac off your desk when you, or someone else, trips over the wire.
    The MagSafe is designed to pull out when it’s pulled so that you don’t wreck your Mac