Capsule Is A Minimal iPhone App To Save Your Favorite Locations



Capsule is another “save your place” app, where by “place” I mean “actual location” and not your current page in a book. This one has a beautiful UI and ties in with Foursquare’s database to let you search and pinpoint locations quickly.

On the one hand, I want an app that will save everything I ever need to save and make it easily available to me. And on the other hand I like to use specific apps as they are often faster and almost always more focussed on a single task. The two ends of this spectrum are Evernote and Simplenote.

Capsule takes the simple approach. Pull out your iPhone and you can either view nearby spots on a map or search for them by name. Tap to save, add tags or notes and you’re done. If the spot you want to save doesn’t appear in the list (say you want to remember a cool tree or a romantic field for a picnic) then you can just tap the glowing blue position blob to mark your current location instead.

Usually, I use Evernote or Foursquare for this kind of thing: Foursquare to remember places I have been to and Evernote to snap a photo of the sign and remember places to go (Evernote lets me search on the text in my photos, which is pretty much the only reason I keep it’s bloated ass installed on my devices). But I might be tempted to use this instead. If it didn’t look like such a closed little garden.

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