Empower Yourself With Waka Waka POWER [Deals]


CoM - Waka Waka

If you’ve been looking for a stylish smartphone or tablet charger with sustainable economic benefits to boot, then this Cult of Mac Deals offer is going to be a sight for sore eyes.

Waka Waka POWER’s patented chip technology allows for solar charging that is 200% more efficient than most competitors. Rock-solid durability and the capability to charge via USB (smartphones, tablets, bluetooth devices, and everything else that charges via USB), solar, or AC guarantees you’ll never be without power again. And Cult of Mac Deals has it for only $59.99 for a limited time.

Note: This promotion is available to customers in the continental United States only. for all other important reminders surrounding this offer, visit the Deals page.

The Waka Waka POWER boasts the following features:

  • Solar-Powered: Waka Waka POWER utilizes premiere solar technology that is 200% more efficient than it’s competitors. In a pinch, you can also charge up the device via USB or AC cable.
  • Powerful Light: Not only will Waka Waka POWER charge your phone or tablet, but it serves as a powerful flashlight offering hours of light, even when used at full strength.
  • Built to Last: Not only does Waka Waka POWER look sharp, but it’s built strong. The durable ABS plastic housing allows for a lightweight, waterproof construction that will last for decades.

Feeling great about this offer, but yellow not your colour? No problem. Click here for the black Waka Waka POWER.

Here’s what others have had to say about Waka Waka POWER:

“I’m very impressed with this device. It’s light but feels solidly constructed; the folding stand moves with a satisfying series of clicks to point the light or the solar panel exactly where it needs to go. It does charge from the sun as advertised. Most small USB chargers don’t have enough output to charge an iPad or other tablet; this one does.” -Michael A.

“I absolutely love my Waka Waka POWER. It charges my iPhone 5 with no problem, super bright long-lasting variable output light! It charges in the sun and even under an indoor table lamp. And it charges just about anything that utilizes a USB port. Sleek and it has a great feel to it as if it is a work of art!” -Zach K.

This offer won’t be around for long, so take advantage of it while you can. Get the Waka Waka Power in yellow or black from Cult of Mac Deals for just $59.99 – and empower yourself today.