Get Social Networks In The Safari Shared Links Sidebar With Mavericks [OS X Tips]


Shared LInks In Safari

Safari has been updated in OS X Mavericks, of course, with a host of under-the-hood improvements, along with quite a few new features. One of them lets you see what your social connections are recommending to their various social network sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.

If you want easy access to the links your friends, acquaintances, and business contacts are sharing on their social sites, all you need to do is add your social network credentials, and then open up Safari.

Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu, Dock, or Applications Folder, and click on the Internet Accounts icon, which will open the preference pane. Once there, you’ll need to add in your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account information. Click on the service or services you want to add on the right, and then enter in your login name and password. The added service will then show up in the column to the left.

Now when you drop into Safari, click on the little Bookmarks icon in the upper left part of the Safari window, just under the Back button. YOu’ll have a sidebar expand from the left, giving you the Bookmarks, Reading List, and Shared Links columns.

Click on the Shared Links icon at the top of this new sidebar, and you’ll see all the links that are getting shared from the services you logged into in the step above. Click on any of the shared links to go to that page, and right click on it to Open the link into a new window or tab. Site-sepcific options are also there, like the Show on and Retween options when right-clicking on a link shared from Twitter, for example.

The sidebar will stay open, as well, letting you browse through all your shared links and Reading List pages on the fly, without having to invoke the sidebar again and again. It’s all rather handy, to be sure.

  • Dom___V

    I sure as hell wish that the ‘Shared Links’ feature would hide viewed articles, this is a flawless RSS replacement for me, and I love, nay _need_, a reader-zero. Hopefully someone will write a plugin (if not apple).