Removable, Reposition-able HandTab Wants To Be Your iPad Grip



If you’ve used an iPad for any significant amount of time, you know that after a while, it can get rather unwieldy to hold and use, especially with one hand. Gripping it on the side bevel is a decent sort-term solution, but the larger iPad just gets too heavy to make that a tenable stretegy for long, and even the iPad mini, with its significantly smaller bevel size, can be a challenge to hold.

There are probably a metric ton of iPad and other tablet cases out there that try to remedy this, adding bulk and unwieldy solutions along the way. In addition, cases that strap around an iPad can’t be used for other tablets or eReaders at all; they’re specifically tailored to each device’s measurements.

Two designers from Simi Valley, California aim to change all that with the HandTab, a medically-safe handgrip for the iPad and any other tablet you might own.


The HandTab attaches to the back of an iPad with a strong suction cup, and lets you hold your iPad with ease in almost any position. All you have to do is position the HandTab in a useful location, suction cup it on, and then slide the stem of the grip between a couple of fingers.

It seems like a no-brainer solution, but these guys thought of it first, and now they’re looking to Kickstarter to help fund the invention and bring it to market. With ten days to go, they’ve only garnered about $1,500 of an asked-for $27,000, so they’ll need your support now.

If you like the HandTab–and how can you not, really–then head on over to the Kickstarter Project, watch the adorable video, and check out hte specs on this thing. Pledge if you think the project has merit, and let’s all have a bit of an easier time holding our magical devices.

Source: Kickstarter

  • HerbalEd

    Wow! It’s “medically safe.”