Morning App Is An Informational Dashboard For Your Day



"“Morning!”" That’s what this new app will say to you when you fire up your iPad at the start of the day. Only instead of bringing you bacon, pancakes and coffee it’ll put you on a more slimming diet of information: Weather, calendar, news and so on, right there on a big iPad-sized dashboard.

Morning is a little like Panic’s Status Board, only simpler. For some, that might be a feature. The flat colors match iOS7’s new look, and the six panels can be customized to show weather, the time, your Reminders, RSS news feeds, your calendars and even a countdown widget. All of these can be customized but to be honest it requires minimal tweaking – the default setup is great.

One of my favorite parts is the Reminders integration, you can choose any or all of your reminders lists and they show up to, uh, remind you to do things. Then, when you have done them, you can mark them off right there in the app.

Other customizations are done by tapping a tile and choosing either of the two icons – one to pick what’s in the tile, one to configure that pick – and color (you can choose one of several color themes). Finally, long press to grab and drag a tile to arrange them where you like.

But perhaps the biggest feature of morning is its price. At just $3 it’s less than a third of Panic’s app. But tun again, it doesn’t do nearly as much.

Source: iTunes